Slot Machines: Myths About the One-Armed Bandit

A slot machine is a casino gambling machine traditionally known as the one-armed bandit. This is due to the lever located on its side that originally was used to operate the machine. It also had the ability to leave the person playing the slots penniless. Currently, slot machines have a button in place of the lever, though some may still have the lever to retain its authenticity. Slot machines are basically played by inserting a coin and pressing the button or pulling on the lever. Players then wait for the spinning symbols on the reel to line up. Certain random number or symbol combinations are equivalent to prizes. Winning may be in the form of credits to continue playing the slots machine, coins dispensed by the machine as payouts, or huge cash prizes.

A lot of new players in casinos opt to play the slot machines initially. First, because a slot machine is easy to play. Secondly, there can be a huge payout these effortless steps. However, if players do not understand how a slot machine works, there are bound to be a lot of false beliefs related to winning.

Some believe that a slot machine that has just hit a big jackpot will not be due to payout a big jackpot again until after some time has passed. This is not true. Slot machines have a Random Number Generator (RNG) that continuously cycles random combinations of numbers or symbols. This is true even when no one is playing the machine. Fortunately because of RNG, the odds of hitting a jackpot on the next pull of the lever or press of the button are just the same as they were before the jackpot was hit. So even if someone has just hit a jackpot, you still have the same chance of getting a huge payout.

Another myth is that you can spot a slot machine that is about to payout. Some players believe that a machine that has a high winning streak is going to guarantee a huge payout or jackpot. Unfortunately, because of the RNG the chance of winning is still a random occurrence. There is no formula to predict when a machine would payout. The same explanation holds true for the belief that a slot machine that has not been paying out is due to have a large payout.

During the weekends, some people believe that the chances of getting a payout are bigger. This is truly a myth. This may have started because there may be more people in casinos during the weekends. More slot machines may be in play that's why it seems that more people are winning. In reality though, the chances of winning are still the same and still dependent on the RNG.

To increase the chances of winning, a player may put a hot coin in the machine. This is also not true. This is based on the belief that the hot temperature of the coin may loosen the gears of the slot machine and be more susceptible to giving huge payout. The machine does not recognize whether you use a hot or a cold coin, or even if it's an old or a new coin. Slot machines do have a currency detector that validates whether the coin or token you are using is valid for playing.

A lot of these myths rose due to the increase in popularity of the slot machine over the years. It now accounts for about 70 percent of the casino revenues.